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    Progressing Hacks Forum Rules

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    Progressing Hacks Forum Rules Empty Progressing Hacks Forum Rules

    Post by The Deoxys Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:35 am

    Progressing Hacks Official Rules
    Now, I know the phrase: "Rules were made to be broken", and that may be true with some rules in life, but not these. These rules are not meant to be broken. I mean it. Any threads here that do not follow rules will be locked. If it's serious, the owner of the thread may be banned. Example:
    Member: Hey, I think I'll post illegal materials on my thread!
    Moderator: That's what you think, buster.
    Member: Eek.
    ~Thread deleted.

    So you see, it's best to follow the rules. It's best to also follow the Global PokePlaza rules. Also, for Progressing Hacks, the following rules come into account.

    A hack must have at least ten screenshots before posting a thread here
    The ten screenshots cannot be:
    Battle Screens

    If you have had ten screenshots that are not anything on that list, feel free to post battlescreens or titlescreens.

    Do not take screenshots of areas without much changes
    If you've only half-edited an area, do not take a screenshot of it.

    No stealing

    Do not post roms
    Use an IPS file instead.

    Hacks must include a features list
    People want to know what to expect, right?

    For further information please contact me.

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