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    Team Discussions Rules

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    Team Discussions Rules

    Post by The Deoxys on Wed Oct 20, 2010 10:59 am

    The Team Discussions forum houses any groups that collaborate on ROM hacks. It is open for anyone to create a group! Do note though, that
    The Team Discussions forum is not a showcase area - please showcase your projects in the Hacks Showcase forum.

    Team Discussions posting

    This forum is bound to rules that are set by the global PokéPlaza rules.
    By posting in this forum, you agree that your posts meet rules set in the PokéPlaza global rules as well as the rules set from here on. Please note that infractions from the global rules also apply here.

    Threads in this forum are to follow thread requirements.
    Thread requirements for this forum are set below.

    Rules for group threads and posts

    Registration for new members takes place in the same group thread.
    Any threads or posts in other threads about the same topic will be removed.

    No forum linking for groups.
    If your hacking team is represented by a forum, do not link to the forum URL in your group unless it's relevant to the conversation. Relentless advertising of forums is prohibited.

    Team name
    Post the name of the team. A banner would be better for this part and could make more people want to join.

    No short introductions. Post why you want to make the team, which ROMs the team will hack and make it so that it will make people want to join.

    Application form
    Users that want to join have to know what they will post. You could provide a form detailing what you need, like such:
    Proof of work:
    Past experience:
    Contact information:

    Current team members
    This part should be updated with the members who join. A team is made for members to work together and create a hack. Post here the name of the project and a link to the thread if there is one.

    Current Projects
    Write about the projects the team/group will be working on, and their story/features.

    If you have any questions, PM me.


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